Wavewalk Fishing Kayaks and Boats in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

Hello and welcome,

My name is Lewis Patterson, and I’m Wavewalk’s dealer in Mount Pleasant, SC.

You are welcome to call me and schedule a test ride for a Wavewalk 700 or a Wavewalk S4.

My number is 864-710-9262

Looking forward to seeing you,


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Fishing can be an exciting and rewarding activity, but not when your back hurts from sitting in a SOT or sit-in kayak.
Similarly, fishing from a boat can be great, but transporting the boat by trailer and having to launch at a boat ramp is no fun…

Wavewalk has solved these problems for you, as well as others –
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The new Wavewalk® Series 4 (S4) skiff kayak is an ultralight (98 lbs without accessories), high performance car-top skiff that works perfectly as a paddle craft for skinny water and vegetation-rich water, even for one person. It is both extremely stable and seaworthy, and enables going in rough waters where even bigger skiffs may not perform as well as it does.

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