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Wavewalk, inc. is a manufacturer of fishing kayaks and portable boats located in Massachusetts.
The company was founded in 2001, and it rolled its first product in 2004. Since then, Wavewalk has been selling to clients who order factory direct. In recent years, the company has developed a local dealership program.

The company’s patented invention allows it to design small, twin-hull (catamaran-style) personal watercraft that are more stable than kayaks and canoes. The twin-hull kayaks and small boats feature a saddle similar to those featuring in personal watercraft (PWC) and certain high performance land vehicles such as all-terrain vehicles (ATV). Unlike other kayaks, this design is back pain free, and it allows practically anyone to fish and paddle standing.

Being more stable and comfortable than other kayaks and canoes, Wavewalk® kayaks and car-top boats are popular among elderly and heavy persons, people who suffer from back problems and other physical disabilities, and people who want to take passengers on board, including small children and dogs.

Currently, Wavewalk’s three product lines are:

  1. The Wavewalk® Series 4 (S4) skiff kayak – A high performance car-top skiff that works perfectly well as a paddle craft for skinny water and vegetation-rich water, even for one person.

    Wavewalk S4 – High Performance, Versatile, Portable Boat and Fishing Kayak
  2. The Wavewalk® 700 series of lightweight car-top boats for two anglers that effectively double as tandem fishing kayaks. At 80 lbs, the W700 is perfect for a solo paddler or angler, which can easily car top it.
  3. The Wavewalk® 500 series of lightweight, super-stable and back pain free catamaran fishing kayaks that lend themselves to easy motorizing.

Wavewalk’s website features over 1,800 pages. These include over 250 kayak reviews contributed by clients, with full name and state, and pictures. The company’s website offers instructional and demo videos, technical articles, trip reports and information about outfitting, including DIY projects.

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